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this is not a story

21 May 2009

a story is a little, tiny thing. just extricating lives entangled in events. a story matters only when it reaches out and wraps itself around another. Advertisements

Public Terror: Escalating the War on Migrants

20 May 2007

by Juan Santos and Leslie Radford “War is nothing but a continuation of politics by other means.” – von Clausewitz _______________ “Politics is war without bloodshed, while war is politics with bloodshed.” – Mao _______________ (LOS ANGELES) Immigration activist Roberto Lovato was there when the Los Angeles Police Department launched its brutal assault on a […]

Public Terror: Escalating the War on Migrants

12 May 2007

The mass public assault on the May 1st rally and a public raid on migrants at a shopping mall in Chicago shortly before May 1st mark a brutal and highly public escalation in the ruling class’s war on migrants. Increased resistance like the upcoming May 17th march to MacArthur Park is exactly what the situation calls for.