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We’re here to stop the fascists and the Nazis

26 March 2007

< LOS ANGELES, 25 March 2007–As marchers at the Federal Building denounced the stepped up ICE raids and deportations, another group of protestors mounted a last-minute anti-minuteman rally to counter the anti-migrant group’s march up Broadway, the path of the one million-strong migrant Gran Marcha of March 25, 2006. A group calling itself “No Name” […]

March 25 Begins, Again

25 March 2007

“¡Viva Mexico!” The crowd answered, “¡Arriba!” “¡Viva America!” A bit less enthusiasm, but still, “¡Arriba!” Finally, with a grin in her voice, the bullhorner called out, “¡Viva George Bush!” A startled silence, then giggles. The photo ops finished, it was down to the real business. The assembly retraced its steps back to the plaza on […]

San Bernardino Marches Against the Wars

17 March 2007

SAN BERNARDINO, 17 March 2007–About 700 anti-war, pro-migrant demonstrators marched through the streets of San Bernardino (pop. 185K) and rallied at the steps of city hall. On the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq, anti-war rallies in larger cities, with their made-for-video traffic snarls and performance art, filled progressive news outlets. But around the […]